By entering Oaty & Joey's Playbarn you agree to the following terms:

Oaty & Joey's is all about having fun, but there are some safety rules that must be followed by everyone.

On entering the Playbarn, Trampolines, E-Cars and Mini/Crazy Golf area, parents / carers must:

• Accept full responsibility to always supervise their children.
• Observe their children to ensure that they can use the equipment safely.
• Explain these rules of play to the children and monitor their behaviour.

To ensure a safe and healthy environment the following rules must always be followed:

• Children must always wear socks inside the Playframe. Socks can be purchased at reception.

• Children are recommended to wear clothing which covers their arms and legs with tops tucked into trousers when descending the slides. This is to prevent friction burns. 

• The main purple Astra slide is designed for one child per lane travelling feet first.

• Any child who is or becomes unwell should not enter the play area.

• Please encourage your child to use the toilet and to wash their hands before entering the playframe.

• We do not allow food to be brought onto the premises (baby food is acceptable}. Food or drink purchased should not be taken or consumed in the play areas.

• No climbing on the outside of the playframe netting.

• Fighting, bullying, disruptive, destructive, or unsuitable behaviour will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

• Parents/ carers must seek medical advice about using the slides if your child has or has previously had relevant medical conditions/ surgery.

• We advise that badges, jewellery, and watches etc. are left with the parent/ carer.

• Children using the slides must not stand or attempt to walk up the slide.

• Take care when wearing spectacles or glasses (we recommend using a retainer and have shatter proof lenses)

• Follow the recommendations which is set out on individual signs related to equipment use referring to safe use and age recommendations.

• Neckties and clothing with neck cords, coins, or small toys should not been worn or taken in the play areas.

• Parents/ Carers must accompany their children to the Trampoline/Car area and carefully note the safety recommendations for the use of the Trampolines and E-Cars.

• Parents/ Carers must accompany children into the Bowling Alley. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed in the Bowling without adult supervision.

• Children will not be allowed to play Golf without adult supervision.

Please report all accidents to a member of staff, to ensure that we can provide the necessary assistance and minimise the potential of reoccurrence. Any injury/accident will be recorded by Oaty and Joey’s Playbarn management before departing the premises.

The use of the Playbarn, mini-golf and all equipment, facilities, amenities, and participation in activities is permitted entirely at the users/ parent/ carer’s own risk. F B Leisure Ltd and F B Ltd will not accept liability for any injury or consequential loss other than injury caused, as a result of the negligence of those companies, their agents, officers, or staff.

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